Adventure cruises are those kinds of cruises or cruise ship tours which enable you to do a lot of adventure activities as well. These cruises are similar to luxury cruises but with the added advantage of certain adventure sports, activities and other things. There are many amazing adventure cruises in the world which may either stretch over a single day or may be of a longer duration of time. The following is a list of the best adventure cruises in the world.

best adventure cruises in the world

1. Down to the Titanic Wreck, Atlantic Ocean

If you wish to take a glimpse of the popular 1918 original titanic ship, you can get on top of a specialised submersible for an 8 hour joy ride down to the ship.  This submersible takes you 12500 feet below the surface and in the north Atlantic.  This sure is one of the most adventurous cruise rides in the world and also the most sought after. It charges $5000 per night and per person.

2. Ice Breaking to the North Pole

This is another expedition or cruise that takes adventure to the extremes. This cruise involves breaking ice literally in the North Pole and is one where temperatures can get really extreme.  The expedition rates per person starts from $2000 per night.

3. Island Hopping to the Pacific

Another adventure cruise that you can try is island hopping to the pacific.  This is a 12 person ship which sets sail from Papeete and goes to some remote islands in the Pacific Ocean.  This is a 29 day tour or cruise ride and is one where you can experience many unbelievable experiences. It is surely only for those who can stand being on the sea for so long. The cost starts from $1200 per night.

4. Following Scott, Antarctica

Another adventure cruise that you can try out is the one which takes you to Antarctica.  This ship sails to Ross Sea or commonwealth bay and lands on some massive icebergs as well. It is another cold weather cruise which can only be taken on by those who are truly adventurous at heart.  The starting price of this cruise is $600 per night.

5. Into Wild West Africa

There are many amazing and adventurous cruise tours in West Africa which cover several countries including Angola, Congo and Sierra Leone. These countries are still coming out from after slavery days and it can rather be interesting to take a tour of each. The coastal route has many spots for eating, drinking and dancing to make the tour truly interesting. This  G adventures tour starts at $600 per night.

6. Jungle Book Tour India

Assam Bengal navigation cruise tour charges $400 per night and takes you on an adventure  on the Brahmaputra River.  This is a 24 person ship which goes from guwahati to tezpur.  This cruise tour also takes you to Kaziranga national park  where you can spot various animals in their prime among the wild.


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