Experiencing the beach environment is the wonderful experience in everyone’s life. Beaches are the spots to just warm up your minds. Here are the wonderful beach trips to enjoy a lot for a couple or for a family.

Anse Source d’Argent:

Anse Source d’Argent

It is the second best beach in the Seychelles and is also one of the most popular beaches.The beach is composed of more than 100 palm tree-studded islands in the midst of the Indian Ocean.

Also, Anse Source d’Argent beach is one of the most popular photographed beaches and is featured in various travel magazines and also in travel programs. This beach is located on La Digue. La Digue is one of the principal islands. This island has various sport activity centers.

There is pink sand at the beach and it gives a more beautiful look to the beach, but the beach is not safe for swimming.

Lanikai Beach:

Lanikai Beach

The water in Lanikai beach is exceptionally clear, blue and too beautiful.This beach is considered as the best swimming beach. This is the most popular beach in Hawaii.

An offshore coral reef guards the deep turquoise lagoon. This makes surfing relatively mild and is ideal for kayaking, splashing, canoeing, windsurfing and sailing.

Also, you will find the bird sanctuaries and twin islands of Mokulua and Mokumanu in the small distances. You can access them by kayak and boast prime sunrise views.

Paradise beach:

Paradise beach

This beach is seasonably simple. The coast is full of many palm trees and meets the calm pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean.Best to come in summer season, groups of young travelers come on shore to party in the humid trills and secret coves.

The beach is doted with thatched umbrellas and lined with shops, bars and discos. The visitors to these hoarse sands will enjoy the seascape of Mediterranean.

A reef to just offshore ensures your privacy by preventing outsiders from entering into the beach. It also provides some marvelous snorkeling on numerous coral reefs.

Trunk Bay:

Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is the most beautiful beach in the world, located on St. John in the US.It has the most modern and convenient facilities and receives most visitors of any beach on St. John.

The beautiful beach has soft white powdery sand extending into the sea.

The beach is bordered with coconut trees, sea grapes and many beach mahos. Also, it is one of the most popular photographed and photogenic beaches. This is the most popular beach for snorkeling.

The spit of sand running out toward Trunk Bay gives a heart shaped look to the beach.

Tulum beach:

Tulum beach

This is an increasingly most popular Mayan Riviera destination of Tulum and is 80 miles to the southeast of Cancum.This is a sandy powdered beach with isolated rocks.

Snorkeling and swimming are the best beach activities you can perform when seas are calm.There are various resorts in front of the beach, which offer yoga classes but not all inclusive night clubs along the sand.


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