Marrakech is one of the most fascinating imperial cities of Morocco, a destination that offers not just intriguing crafts but also stunning mosques and luxury living which makes for a wonderful vacation spot.

One of the many pleasurable ways of spending time in Marrakesh is by visiting the endless seams of market places and souks where everything from carpets to spices to kaftans to the raffia bags and baskets can be found for you to be taken home as souvenirs.

But for any vacation, staying at the right place is as important as the sightseeing and the shopping. If you do not get the right place to rejuvenate during your vacation, it might as well not be a vacation at all.

And finding a good  Marrakech hotel is actually not that difficult given that they are many world class hotels and Riads available at your discretion with all the facilities that you might want to avail while enjoying your stay.

Riad Hotels

One of the foremost Marrakesh Riad that you can check out is the Hotel La Sultana which is an authentic 5-star Boutique Hotel & Spa made especially for those who prefer staying at hotels that exude refinement and come off as fusion of sophistication and elegance. It is replete with the amenities all the amenities that a modern day 5It is replete with the amenities all the amenities that a modern day 5 star hotels should posses and much much more.

If you prefer living near the museum in Marrakesh and would want the Jamaa El Fena Square to be at a walkable distance, the Riad Monika offers to be your home during your stay at the picturesque city of Marrakesh.

With its roof top terraces and rooms that have their own personal libraries in them, it is no doubt that you will find this place perfect as per your preferences. With offerings of all things Moroccan starting from its architecture to its cuisine, Riad Monica gives you an authentic Moroccan experience.

Luxury Hotels

But if you prefer more of a palm grove stay at a place that is less of a hotel and more of a palace do not forget to look up Hotel Palais de L’O. Renovated by the famous designer Lazaro Rosa Violan to the state of elegance and luxury, this hotel is not just spacious but also boosts of suites with their own private terraces with calming views of the garden area.

Adorned by fountains and serving dishes that are prepared from freshly picked fruits and vegetables from the hotels own gardens , it is a perfect place to do some food tasting as well as to relax and rejuvenate, if you do not wish to go out.


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