Maldives is considered as a premiere holiday destination for the couple who wish to spend romantic time together. Though, these days Maldives has become a place for family visits as well, there are many ideal resorts and hotels that are adult-only.

For the people who are looking forward to spend quality time together under the romantic moon or for the people who wish to spend sociable holidays with friends, there are some quality resorts and hotels which only allow people of 16 years and above.  Given below is a list:

adult only resorts and hotels in maldives

Komandoo Maldives Island Resort

Considered as one of the finest holiday resorts for couples and adults, Komandoo is a small, romantic and a beautiful place . This adult only resort has a beachfront with beautiful rockery garden. The resort offers on site reef, delicious food, free perks and beachfront pool options. Compared to the other accommodation options, this is cheaper.

CentaraRasFuchi Resorts and Spa

This place offers blissful experience and low key relaxation to the couples and adult at an affordable price. Located very near to the airport, this resort has beautiful rooms, bed side sightseeing views and on-site excursions such as snorkeling. In terms of food, it has three ala carte restaurants offering Thai, Italian and Mid-Eastern food. Being an adult only resort, kids below the age of 16 years are not allowed.

Cocoa Island Resort

This place is best known as a honeymoon destination with 33 romantic water villas. Being one of the highest rated resorts of Maldives, this place has its own charm and beauty, offering premier facilities to the visitors. The water villas are private and unique in their own way, providing excellent spa services.

Mirihi Island Resort

Considered as the smallest island resorts of Maldives, Mirihi has 30 private water villas plus 6 island rooms. This adult only resorts offers beach excursion such as snorkeling, scuba and other water related sports.

Veligandu Island Resorts

One of the popular and famous resorts of Maldives is Veligandu. With space of 64 big water villas, this 4-star luxury resorts is an ultimate destination for the couples looking forward to spend a romantic time.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

It is the best known 5 star hotel in Maldives wich is located on two interconnected islands, with total of 71 water villas. The most attractive feature of this hotel is its underwater glass enclosed restaurant.


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