Surely there are people who travel in order to find the perfect dining spot. In case you want to find the best dining places in the U.S., here are some of them.

When it comes to good food, New York surely can offer a lot of it. The city has nearly 23,000 restaurants and it can be called the food capital of America. Yet, it’s not that any restaurant offers good food, wine and dessert.

In case you want something really refined, you should visit the French restaurant Pe Se, where the food is more than just an experience. There you will taste seafood prepared in an unusual way, as well as typical French desserts. The wine here gives another reason to dine at this place.

newyork restaurant

In case you are already in New York, don’t miss out the seafood restaurant La Bernadine. If you are hungry for ethnic meals, then the Little Italy, Chinatown and Koreatown are the best spots to visit.

Surprisingly the second best town for dining is San Francisco. Here you have amazing choice, when it comes to classy restaurants with good food list. Visit the so called French Laundry, where you will find a new definition of desserts and sweets.

The Gary Denko’s cuisine offers traditional meals, but the wine list is so rich that there are nearly 1200 wines in the menu. The Chinatown is yet another popular dining spot, for it offers not only Chinese food, but international cuisines as well.

chicago restaurant

Chicago is the third city that can be called a real adventure for the lovers of good food. Here the restaurants and the dining spots surely can beat the New York ones, but the difference is that Chicago offers good food at affordable price.

Stop by the popular molecular gastronomy of Alinea, which is a restaurant that offers extremely tasty meals made in untraditional methods. In case you want something different, then Charlie Trotter`s restaurant is the right place for you. Here the chef never serves the same dish twice and the food is always original.

If you want to dine in a romantic style, then bring the Paris restaurant close to you by visiting the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, where the pizza is unforgettable. Chicago is different when it comes to pizza and Italian meals. The Pizzeria Uno is the most visited Italian dining spot, for it serves only the local specialties such as deep-dish pizza.


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