Many people imagine that going on vacation has everything to do with visiting a huge amount of places and staying at the most luxurious hotels. If you would be asked to try something different and choose locations unique in the world where an unconventional look or a positioning nothing short of impossible, would you say yes?


Berlin – Michelberger Hotel


Positioned in a happening area of the German capital this is a former warehouse with the ability to house 119 people. It has a rugged industrial look with cement showing here and there but also a chic lobby filled with magazines and books and live DJ music. Food can be ordered from a terrace and the entire place has a celebrity underground party air.

Amsterdam – Conscious  Hotel Museum Square

Built and decorated in the spirit of love for weed, this place has a relaxed air with large rooms, simple decorations and soft beds. The eco air is present everywhere and the food is organic. The hotel is close to important Amsterdam vestiges and it also offers bike renting for those who want to roam the city in a green way.

San Francisco – Good Hotel


This the place for social conscious and green thinking people. The hotel is situated in the SoMa area and it demonstrates good practices teaching its guests to be responsible.


Vancouver -Wickaninnish Inn


You have to take a plane and a ferry to reach this secluded high class location on the Vancouver Island. Placed on the ocean shore and surrounded by thick forests this hotel is perfect for those fond of the ultimate isolation in the wild. It has 75 rooms each equipped with their own soaking tub and offers a panoramic view from the restaurant where the guest can serve delicious Northwest Pacific gourmet cuisine.

Chile – Explora Patagonia


Two flights away from Puntas Arenas and a long drive, finally get you to one of the most remote hotels in the world. Placed on the edge of a cliff and looking over blue lakes and glaciers offering the tourist a breathtaking view, Explora Patagonia is  an amazing place where the greatness of the scenery can make the isolation perfect.

Belize – Belcampo Lodge

In the heart of the rainforest lies this organic farm lodging where the song of the birds and monkey crying rock you to sleep or wake you up in the morning. This is also a yoga retreat and offers the tourist a feeling of close to nature isolation.

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