“Old is Gold” says an old saying but none the less it seems very apt when you feast your eyes on Yosemite. The beautiful national park lets you feast on its natural beauty and then some more when you decide to stay in one of the several lodges in and near the park. Quoting Ken Burns, the documentary filmmaker, our natural parks are truly “America’s best Idea”.

The beautiful old properties please not just the aesthetic sense but also let the guests indulge all their other senses. The old world charm that surrounds these beautiful park lodges can only be compared to their modern grandeur. This may sound like an oxymoron but the truth is that it reflects the timelessness and sustainability of these old-school lodges.

The park lodges in and around Yosemite not only reflect the natural beauty that surrounds them but are also a foil to their wildness with all possible comfort, the perfect place to unwind after a hard day at the trail. Indulge your senses with the perfect accommodation and with superb cuisine for the choice is yours.

Yosemite offers not just luxurious lodges but also a rugged camping experience if that is what you wish for. You can choose unheated canvas tents to taste the wild or opt for heated luxurious cabins. Yosemite has it all.

Here is a look at some of the options Yosemite has on offer.

The Ahwahnee is an AAA® Four Diamond hotel with fine dining. It offers elegance and luxury in the midst of the wilderness. The combination of first rate amenities and the breathtaking views are the best that Yosemite has to make it unique.

Yosemite Lodge at the Falls is located, well… at the base of “Yosemite Falls”. It is just the place to relax and unwind after a day’s exploration of the wilderness that surrounds it. The lodge has plenty of tours and activities to offer including bicycle rentals. You can also indulge at the Mountain Room restaurant & Lounge.

For a more rustic vacation, the Curry Village could be a good option with its canvas tents, cabins and motel rooms. It also has an outdoor shop and a grocery store onsite.

Housekeeping Camp gives you a feel of outdoor camping with its six person units and a campfire where guests can enjoy outdoor cooking.

For the true adventure holiday, Yosemite’s High Sierra Camps would be the only way to go. There are five camps in a loop and you spend the traveling from one camp to another through the mountain trail during the day.

Each camp offers great meals and comfortable tent cabins at night. So pack light and enjoy the hiking. You can also decide to stay at a camp and explore its surroundings before you move on to the next one.

Some of the other popular spots would be White Wolf Lodge, Tuolumne Meadows Lodge and Wawona Hotel. Indulge your wild side during the day and come back to comfortable and even luxurious lodgings every night to prepare for the next day’s adventure.


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