Group travel means fun, frolic and let lose in the company of family and friends. Here are some of the best group travel destinations in the USA to consider this holiday season.

1. Sundance Resort, Utah

Sundance Resort, Utah

The resort is the dream project of billionaire Robert Redford which has activities all round the year. Located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, this resort is a paradise for winter sports. In summer visitors can enjoy mountain biking, boating and fishing. There are many activities for kids too. Groups can book the 5 bedroom mountain homes and have a fun time together.

2. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is ideal for groups looking at natural adventures as their holiday theme. Being a gateway to the Smoky Mountains, visitors can head to the national park and enjoy hiking, fishing, rafting and many such activities. In winter, Gatlinburg is a ski resort with an amusement park and host to numerouscountry music shows. You can also try your hand at indoor sky diving.

3. Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Another scenic country side, Hocking Hills is a typical Midwestern beauty with dense forests, gorges and canyons that beckon you for all things natural. Adventure and extreme adventure enthusiast will love the state parks and water spots in this region. There are also sightseeing visits to the Pencil Sharpener Museum, Gem Mine and Columbus Washboard Factory.  One can also enjoy the Hocking Valley Scenic Rail Tour.

4. Grand Traverse, Michigan

Grand Traverse, Michigan

With the likes of Sleeping Bear Dunes, Elk Lake and a bevy of resorts, the atmosphere at Grand Traverse is more like a summer camp. Groups can enjoy team games and water sports by day and campfires and square dances by night.  Men can indulge in golf tours while the women and children go shopping.

5. Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island, Georgia

A former hunting club for the elite, this island is now a great place for families and students to enjoy the historic district and the activity centers for kids. Some of the activities to indulge in at Jekyll Island are: Georgia Sea Turtle Center, boating, fishing, dolphin cruise and Tidelands Nature Center. Picnickers can head to the St. Andrews Beach or head to the historic Jekyll Wharf Marina.

6. Ludlow’s Island, Minnesota


Located close to the Canadian border, this wilderness paradise has its own resort on the island. Surrounded by water, sports and activities revolving around water are obvious. Enjoy kayaking, hydro biking, sailing and other water sports. For the land dwellers, you have amazing hikes and treks. Those who prefer to just hang around, there are well appointed yet secluded cabins. Lake Vermilion is another attraction that gives you spectacular views of red sunsets over the horizon.

7. Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach, California

Dotted with Italian style resorts, Newport Beach has numerous ways to indulge in luxury. Adults can enjoy the golf and wine tasting tours while children enjoy the camps set up especially for them. They have activities planned out by age groups that include a good balance of outdoor and indoor as well. Teenagers can enjoy kayaking and surf lessons too. The nearby Balboa Island and Newport Harbor hasdinner cruises while the Laguna Beach has a number of cultural festivals and shopping arcades.

8. Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

When talking about best group visits how can we not mention Hawaii? Maui is the best among the Hawaii islands for group travelers. There is something for everyone here. From water sports to hikes and trails, to just basking on the beach, one can enjoy the holiday any which way. But most of all do not forget to enjoy the local Maui dining and the cultural scene.

9. Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Virgin Islands, Caribbean

U.S. Virgin Islands is the American answer to a Caribbean holiday. The triplet islands offer the best of modern and remote. Every island is unique in its offerings. Rock City has a hilly and craggy terrain that is ideal for hiking while St Thomas is everything defined in luxury. St. John is more of a secluded and serene island ideal for couples and honeymooners. All in all, it is a great place for unwinding in the company of your family or friends.

10. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

Located among the red buttes, Sedona is a paradise for those who like to be surrounded by the red sandstone rocks. But there is more to Sedona than just the rocks. It is famous for its vortexes that attract spiritually inclined people to make a trip and experience the power of these cyclones of energy. They are believed to be emerging from the earth’s belly and visible in the form of 4 different rock formations which emit this energy.

Those who want to relax can have a trip to one of the many luxury spas of Sedona. And of course the adventure enthusiasts can bring your boots along for the 100 odd hiking trails that Sedona has to offer.


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