Beautiful Places In US

1. Think of old Hollywood westerns when the landscape is red desert and the sun is setting in the beautiful and scenic background.

Nearly every shot of this breath taking world was taken at Red Rock Country in Sedona Arizona.

Picture canyons and buttes and sandstone towers mixed into the beauty and natural background of the red desert. Travel to the Red Rock Country in Sedona Arizona is easy by plane, car and even RV.

There is so much history at Red Rock Country in Sedona Arizona including the fact that the Native American Indians are the ones who settled the area of Sedona some 11,000 years ago.

Mississippi River2. The beautiful and winding Mississippi River through Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota features beautiful scenes such as beautiful cities and river towns.

In the northeast corner of Iowa is the beautiful river town of Dubuque and just across the bridge is the beautiful antique and historic river town of Galena, Illinois.

Galena Illinois also has beautiful and historic bed and breakfasts. There are also ancient Indian burial mounds and an estimated 85% of the buildings and landmarks along the Mississippi River in the region are historic places and on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Grafton Vermont is located in the foothills of Vermont amidst the orange, yellow and blaze red namesake Green Mountains.

The non-profit Windham Foundation has rehabilitated more than 50 buildings in and around Grafton Vermont which is only a tiny and compact village of 600 anyway. Travel to Grafton Vermont and you will have a multitude of areas to travel as well.

Savannah Georgia4. A charmed city shaded by beautiful oak trees and a multitude of historic and beautiful buildings, the square of Savannah Georgia is almost like a quiet and serene retreat. If you travel to Savannah Georgia you can also visit Chippewa Square where Forrest Gump became pensive about his life.

5. Clingmans Dome in Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most beautiful places to travel that is known about to a very little amount of people.

Clingmans Dome actually runs along the Appalachian Trail which winds through 14 states. From Georgia to Maine the Appalachian Trail winds through offering beautiful scenes and breath taking views.

Clingmans DomeClingmans Dome is actually to be found on Tennessee’s eastern edge. The trail along Clingmans Dome runs 2,172 miles, features more than 4,000 different kinds of plants as well as 230 species of birds.


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