To many people, there’s nothing more authentic than a dogsled race in Alaska during the middle of winter. If you’re one of them, then mark March 5th on your calendar as this is the starting date of the world-famous Iditarod Dogsled race.

This amazing race is ran about 1,150 miles over some of the moist scenic terrain in the world, including rivers, mountains, forest, tundra, and coastal areas. The race begins in Anchorage and winds up in the town of Nome 10 to 17 days later. Mushers from all over the world enter the race and thousands more go to cheer them on.

Each team consists of between 12 and 16 dogs and the race has been covered by many international television stations and journalists. The race features men, women, and animals against the wild nature that can only be found in Alaska.

The Iditarod Trail has been named a National Historic Trail because of the race and the route of the race is alternated every other year.

Both routes feature larger cities as well as small villages as the event is for all Alaskans to enjoy and to break up the long winter. Each musher uses his unique tactics and strategies as well as special food for his dog team.  Some people prefer to race at night and others prefer the daytime.

The Iditarod Dogsled Race is an Alaskan tradition that’s well worth looking into.


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