Bali is a small island, feeding and carrying human life since 2000BC. People are mostly Balinese Hindus and the vast culture is their most valuable treasure and because of its rich culture, Bali was called the island of gods and art.

bali beachThere are lots of reasons to choose going to Bali. The first would be that whether summer or winter, the weather condition welcomes visitors in Bali with a splendid tropical environment.

It is recommended visiting the island in vacation seasons for more efficient packaged tours, thus, if a relaxed holiday is needed, ignoring tourist seasons might be a good idea.

The second reason would be that the world’s most preferred diving places are Bali coasts with their rich green rocky places and coral reef areas. It is a place to relax because it is not as packed as Fiji islands. Also it is a treat to lie down on the white sands of the coast and taste tropical beverages and meals.

bali islandUsually, in Bali, visitors go to Nusa Dua region for shopping and tasting delicious restaurant options. For a little cultural sightseeing, Ubud is the right place with its museums and art galleries.

Proving the name of “island of gods”, Bali offers visitors a couple of temples which are real treasures from artistic point of view. Mostly, every temple is built on hillsides and placed in Denpasar area, a place one should not miss while visiting Bali.

To sum it up, Bali is a splendid place for a vacation. Visitors might feel themselves as magicians and feel that Acintya (the supreme God in Balinese Hinduism) might be watching them to make sure they have fun.


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