Bay Of Fire, Tasmania – A True And Worthy To Try Traveler’s Adventure

One of the leading travel authorities suggested that one of the best travel destinations for 2010 is Tasmania, the Bay of Fire.

After a tiring work day or an irritating one, reading this article may lead a hope to visit such a marvelous place for a future vacation.


The islands are untamed, connected only with an extraordinary quietness all around. Long, peaceful trees, white beaches and the extraordinary blue sea give a perfect opportunity to rest and be joyful as if you have stumbled upon a treasure.

As a tourist resort the area offers through “Luxurious Australia” program truly wonderful accommodations.

But the place that retains a large part of the outback wilderness and Tasmanian paradise both carrying the true meaning of getting in touch with nature, tends to rapture you with the amazing sites that can be found only here.

Fir tree forest come close to the white sand beaches, the water is full of the most amazing marine species which make the diving a wonderful adventure, but most of all, the great peace of the nature is something that makes this place a dreamland for everybody.

Being one of the must-see regions all over the world, Bay of Fire is a quite peaceful place in which one may feel the true paradise and the meaning of self, life and nature.

Source : This Tasmania


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  1. Jenni says:

    Tasmania seems to be a great destination for 2010.It looks like a place very different and there is something about this place that is fantastically fascinating.Thanks for the great post!It is definitely on top of my must-see list.

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