Being one of the biggest countries in the world as well as one of the mot multicultural, it’s just natural that Canada celebrates each year with a variety of festivals. These are some of the best that can be found from British Columbia in the west coast to Newfoundland on the east coast.

1. Caribbean Carnival, Toronto, Ontario

Caribbean Carnival, Toronto, Ontario

This annual festival is still often called by its former name of Caribana. It attracts people from all over the world as the event celebrates the colourful culture of the Caribbean. There’s a huge parade with dozens of floats along with exotic costumes, dancing, music and food. This year’s carnival, the 44th, runs between July 14th and Aug. 1st.

2. The Elvis Festival, Collingwood, Ontario

The Elvis Festival, Collingwood, Ontario

This crazy annual weekend is a tribute to Elvis Presley as thousands of participants show up dressed as the king. There are impersonators galore as well as several lookalike competitions. You’ll also be treated to numerous street parties and dances as well as a car parade. This year’s event will rock and roll the charming town of Collingwood between July 21st and 24th.

3. Montreal Beer Festival, Montreal, Quebec

Montreal Beer Festival, Montreal, Quebec

The name says it all. This is an event where you can sample some of the best beer in the world. You’ll find some excellent brews from Canada, Belgium, Japan, Brazil and many more beer-loving nations. It’s also an educational event as visitors can learn about the beer-brewing business. This year’s festival will be held at Place Bonaventure between June 8th and 12th.

4. Buskerfest, Toronto, Ontario

Buskerfest, Toronto, Ontario

This get together by buskers is the biggest in North America. The streets of Toronto are turned into temporary stages as hundreds of street performers showcase their talents during one fun-filled weekend.

There are sometimes adult-only shows later at night. The best place to catch them is by the St. Lawrence Market. This year’s event will feature some of the world’s top clowns, jugglers, and magicians etc. from Aug. 25th to 28th.

5. Edmonton International Fringe Festival, Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton International Fringe Festival, Edmonton, Alberta

This is North America’s biggest performing arts and theatre festival. It features numerous street and stage performers from across the globe. In fact, there are so many performers eager to showcase their talents at the event that the organizers have to draw names from a lottery to decide who can perform. This year’s event takes place between Aug. 11th and 21st.

6. Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition and Exhibition, Parksville, British Columbia

Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition and Exhibition, Parksville, British Columbia

This event was launched in 1982 when 100 people showed up to enjoy it. Now, the competition and exhibition attracts close to 600,000 people each year.

The event celebrates the world’s sand sculptors along with their amazing artistic masterpieces. This year’s event will take place on July 16th and 17th. However, you’ll be able to view all of the works of sand art up until Aug. 14th.

7. Jump Ship Dirt Jump Invitational, Victoria, British Columbia

Jump Ship Dirt Jump Invitational, Victoria, British Columbia

This event takes place on a barge in Victoria Harbour and you’ll witness extreme sports enthusiasts jump their mountain bikes off of a series of challenging drops and jumps. The location is ideal as the city provides a picturesque background to the event. Spectators catch all of the action from land, not the barge. The event will be held on June 11th and 12th.

8. Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival, Whistler-Blackcomb, British Columbia

Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival, Whistler-Blackcomb

This event is entering its fourth year and it takes place in the picturesque area of Whistler-Blackcomb. Competitors take on a 10lb. or heavier wheel of cheese and a hill. Instead of rolling it up the hill they have to chase it down the hill without falling over.


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