Canada is well known around the world as the home of the famous Niagara Falls (53 meters high), which it actually shares with the USA. However, there are some more picturesque waterfalls in the country. Here are some of the best.

1. Della Falls, British Columbia:

This waterfall in the province of British Columbia is believed to be the highest in Canada at 440 meters. Delta Falls lies in Strathcona Provincial Park and the only way to get there is by boat or helicopter.

2. Virginia Falls, Northwest Territories:

Virginia Falls is situated in the Nahanni National Park Reserve in the picturesque Northwest Territories. The peak of the falls is 96 meters high.

3. Alfred Creek Falls, British Columbia:

This is one of the highest waterfalls in all of North America as the water travels down from a height of 700 meters off the Alfred Glacier on the Sunshine coast in the province of British Columbia.

4. Montmorency Falls, Quebec:

This waterfall sits close to Quebec City and is the province’s tallest at 84 meters high. You can climb the staircases and the suspension bridge to get a good look at the falls from various angles and vantage points.

5. Takakkaw Falls, British Columbia:

This wonderful waterfall is located in British Columbia’s Yoho National Park. The name Takakkaw comes from a Cree Indian word that means “it is wonderful.” The waterfall is the second highest in Canada as its peak is 384 meters.


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