croatiaEastern Europe is becoming a tourist dream destination, with still unspoiled locations yet to be discovered.

Croatia is on the Adriatic coast and has a lot to offer travelers including an expansive yachting trade.

Part of the former country of Yugoslavia, Croatia has an interesting history and numerous natural attractions.

From mountains to forests and extensive cave systems, all this can be seen on foot, by bicycle or even while scuba diving.

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, full of museums and a vibrant nightlife. The big advantage for tourists is that it is relatively undiscovered, so the city streets are quieter than other holiday destinations.

There are wonderful beaches dotted around the sprawling coastline with white sand and clear sea, bluer than the sky. Not surprisingly Croatia is home to many naturalist beaches and resorts because of the cleanliness of its natural environment.

The mountains and rivers share these characteristics and are a haven for nature lovers. Most of the land in Croatia is protected meaning it has an abundance of wildlife including bears, lynx and wild sheep. In fact there are over 380 animal species to be found in the country.

Another popular city in Croatia is Trogir, which is situated on the Dalmation coast. It is home to St Lawrence church which is a particularly ostentatious building compared to the rest of the city’s structures.

Croatia has it all, and will soon be as busy and popular as Spain and other tourist regions. For now however it remains unspoilt and a perfect place to relax in.


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