It’s never too early to make plans and if you’re looking for something exciting to do from Jan. 5 to Feb. 5 in 2011, you might want to consider the annual Harbin Ice Lantern Festival in Harbin, China. It may be freezing in Harbin in the winters, but that doesn’t mean thousands of people can’t have fun.

The city makes the most of the cold weather during the festival as it features enormous blocks of ice that are expertly carved into spectacular sculptures. The buildings are colourfully lit up and the wonderful Ice and Snow World is created.

When the sun goes down the giant sculptures are light up in a wide array of colours such as bubblegum pink and electric blue. However, if you get there before nightfall you’ll be able to watch the sculptors building their masterpieces out of the blocks of the ice.

If you head to Zhaolin Park, which is in the centre of the city, you’ll find a side event called the Harbin International Ice Sculpture Competition and if you make it to Sun Island you’ll be able to witness a competition that features interesting snow sculptures. The competitors chisel away at the blocks of snow and ice to create all sorts of amazing objects.

The sculptures don’t melt as Harbin is situated by the Russian border, so make sure you dress warmly when enjoying the Harbin Ice Lantern Festival.


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