The DLR Festival of World Cultures will be holding its 10th celebration in the summer of 2010 from July 23-25. The festival features a wide variety of folk, eclectic, traditional, digital, tribal, and experimental music.

It also showcases a kaleidoscope of club nights and concerts, markets and fairs, street events, performances, workshops, and much more. In fact, it’s known as Ireland’s first Global Carnival.

The event is held in Dún Laoghaire, a historical port and seaside down that offer visitors an array of performance locations such as pubs, clubs, bars, theatres, hotels, piers, plazas, and parks. These fantastic venues make it a natural home for the DLR Festival of World Cultures.

The event is committed to offering a series of world-class music performances for all tastes in an intimate setting.

The festival is known as a yearly international arts event that’s aimed at celebrating the world’s cultural diversity. It prides itself on featuring accessible performances along with other types of activities for people of all ages.

The international food vendors will guarantee you can taste food from around the world as well as music.

This year’s event will feature many performers from around the world, including Trinidadian singing legend Calypso Rose as well as Malian star Rokia Traoré.

Photo Credit: infomatique


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