There are several safaris to take in Africa and it’s hard to choose which country to go visit when planning one because there are so many excellent options. However, you may want to consider a safari adventure in the wilds of Kenya.

One of the most spectacular places to check out is the Masai Mara National Reserve. This is generally considered to be the most fascinating park for viewing wildlife in Kenya. The reserve is filled with leopards, lions, buffalo, rhinos, and elephants.

There are also over a million zebras and wildebeests that migrate here each year as they come from the dry Serengeti plains of nearby Tanzania. This is generally known as the great migration.


You may also have the chance to visit some Masai villages on several of the safaris and you’ll be able to speak with the local cattle-herders in them.

The northern area of Kenya is pretty rugged and semi-arid. This is where you’ll find the Samburu Game Reserve. This is another spectacular area for wildlife as it’s home to quite a few rare types of animals. These include long-necked gerenuk antelopes, Grevy’s zebras, reticulated giraffes, and Somali ostriches.

If you’d like to see some bigger game, you can take a trip to Amboseli National Park. This area is famous for bigger game, such as baboons, cheetahs, and lions. There are also large herds of elephants that roam around the savannahs looking for feeding grounds and/or watering holes.

A lot of Kenyan safaris also include Lake Nakuru National Park. This is a smaller reserve which is basically used as a sanctuary for rhinos. It’s also an ideal place for bird-watching.

Most safaris will take you through Nairobi, which is the country’s cosmopolitan capital. You can visit Karen Blixen’s farm while there. She is the author of the book ‘Out of Africa.’

You can take a safari at any time of the year in Kenya, but the best times for viewing the animals are between May and October.


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