miami beachNestled on the edge of the exotic Caribbean islands, Miami is loud but fascinating, a place of contrast and full of surprises.

It is separated by the bay of Biscayne, which creates two areas known as the beach and the mainland.

Miami Beach is all about the sun and the sea, great for families and full of different nationalities all very welcoming and happy to see tourists arriving on the shore.

American, Cubans, Argentinean’s and Haitians, all want you to stay and enjoy the shimmering waves and the fun of a beach vacation.

In Miami’s South Beach you will be bowled over by the fantastic public buildings in the style of art decor and the accompanying history that it entails. The Matheson Hammock Park is a great spot for children and a perfect day out for the whole family.

Enjoy the many tidal pools and watch the crocodiles safely from specially designated areas. They serve excellent food at the Redfish Grill which is perfectly located on the waters edge.

There are plenty of boutiques mixed in with bars and cafes dotted along the famous Ocean Drive and the endless sand of Twelve Mile Miami Beach just seems to go on indefinitely.

Heading to downtown Miami there is plenty to do including a market and many retail outlets so visiting shoppers will not be disappointed. The calm of this oasis is the Botanical gardens which has some wonderful plant species and is a real joy to go and see.

Don’t miss Coconut Grove, a taste of the past on the shoreline which includes a museum and some delightful gardens.


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Matheson Hammock Park

Coconut Grove miami


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