The world is filled with some amazing and scenic arches. Some of them are man-made and others have been formed naturally over the years. These are some of the world’s best.

1. Arc de Triomphe; Paris, France

Arc de Triomphe

This is probably one of the most recognizable arches on the planet. Actually, we can thank Napoleon Bonaparte for it as he commissioned it to honor himself and his soldiers back in 1806. It’s now one of Paris’s top tourist attractions. If you visit the Arc, make sure you take the underground tunnels to reach it as the streets are way too busy and chaotic to cross.

2. Reno Arch; Reno, Nevada, USA

This famous arch first appeared back in the 1920s. The glowing sign welcomes visitors to the western city. The sign is adorned with the city’s popular slogan, which is, ‘Reno, The Biggest Little City in the World.’ The slogan was actually the winning entry of a contest and was worth $100 to the winner many years ago.

3. Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Stari Most translates into ‘The Old Bridge.’ It had been standing proudly for over 400 years, but was destroyed in the 1990s as war hit the former Yugoslavia. With help from UNESCO, the bridge has been rebuilt, including the wonderful arch which makes it so recognizable and attractive.

4. New River Gorge Bridge; Fayetteville, West Virginia, USA

This used to be the biggest arch bridge in the world. The huge steel bridge looks right at home here as it overlooks the beautiful lush trees and river below. The bridge also attracts many visitors to it on Bridge Day, which is an annual event in which extreme athletes will base jump from it and others are allowed to walk across it.

5. Arco Naturale; Capri, Italy

This natural arch lies in front of the Mediterranean Sea and dates back to Paleolithic times. It was formed over the years by natural erosion of the rock. It started out as the opening to a cave which has now eroded into the seas. It’s still a popular attraction centuries later in Capri.

6. St. Louis Gateway Arch; St. Louis, Missouri, USA

This stunning arch is one of the most recognizable in America. It was designed by Eero Saarinen, who was an architect of Finnish-American descent. He came in first place during a country-wide design contest to capture the nation’s exploratory spirit in a monument. It’s easily St Louis’ most famous landmark and attracts thousands of visitors a day in the summer.

7. Kintai Bridge; Iwakuni, Japan

This amazing Japanese bridge was originally built in the 1600s and it has been standing in one form or another since then. The current bridge was erected in the 1950s after World War II. The structure is quite stunning, especially during the year’s cherry blossom season.

8. Delicate Arch; Arches National Park, Moab, Utah, USA

This western American park is home to about 2,000 naturally-made arches. However, the top attraction is the fantastic sandstone piece called Delicate Arch. The rock looks to be bright orange when the sun strikes it, giving it a glowing experience. You can hike to the arch where you’ll get some breathtaking views of the park.

9. Los Arcos del 3er Milenio, Guadalajara, Mexico

These huge yellow arches grace this Mexican city in the neighbourhood of Jardines del Bosque. The work of art was designed by Sebastian, who was a Mexican sculptor well known for his geometric works that were larger than life.

10. Xian Ren Qiao (Fairy Bridge), Guangxi Province, China

This picturesque natural bridge is carved out of limestone and sits next to the Buliu River. It’s about 25 miles northwest of the city of Fengshan. The Natural Arch and Bridge Society lists the opening span at 400 feet, which makes it the largest span in the world. You can reach the bridge by water as you sail down the river from the charming village of Buliu.


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