Iceland may sound cold and dull, but it is actually a country which will remind you of everything but cold and dull. It is gifted with warm-hearted locals, rich history and culture, and lush greenery which totally give you the impression that comes from its name. It is a land where beauty is a normal occurrence.

There are myriad things to explore in Iceland, but we have restricted our discussion on its towns which are at par with any other attraction of this country. When you are here in Iceland, we would want you to not miss out on its towns which manifest the great Icelandic history, culture and its progress towards a better future.

So, let us hop on and discover 4 lovely towns in Iceland you should visit:

1. Akureyri

4 Must-Visit Iceland Towns

Akureyri is particularly known for its urban planning and natural surroundings. With time, it grew in size, thanks to an ice-free harbor and positive conditions that allowed agriculture to boom.

There are so many things to explore in this town such as many historical museums and cultural centers. However, the real show-stopper is the famed Botanical garden which houses nearly every plant that survives in Iceland.

2. Husavik


It is said that Husavik was the place where the first settlement took place. A commonly believed story says that a Viking came to Iceland during winter and left behind a man and two slaves who went on to build a farm here.

Husavik is an attractive town notable for whale watching. Multiple species are found at the bay, but if you are want to experience some more exhibition of whales, then you can go to the Husavik Whale Museum only after you have seen an actual one.

Apart from this, you can head out for hikes which will give you an amazing opportunity to explore its natural bliss.

3. Siglufjordur


The best time to visit Siglufjordur is during winter when you can get the best of all the winter sports available in this season, which are not limited to ice skating, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

If your plans are made for thesummer season, then you do not need to feel upset about it because there are plenty of things you can do during that season such as fishing and golfing.

You should also consider visiting the Herring museum that will offer you abundant information on the role of fish in making the country one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Oh, yes, in case you are into music or maybe want to pass time, then you should give the Folk Music Centre a visit.

4. Selfoss


Situated only about 50 km from Reykjavik, Selfoss offers enough for a tourist to enjoy a wonderful vacation. It is the most pleasant during summers and offers enrapturing countryside views for one to settle down and calm oneself.

It is recommended that you visit this town during its annual summer festival in which the locals come together, decorate the whole town, sell hand-made stuff and conduct many performances much to the delight of visitors.


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