New Zealand is a beautiful country and can be visited around the year. The one thing to remember is that it is in the southern hemisphere and thus the seasons are reversed.

It’s nice and warm there when the northern hemisphere is braving its cold winters. So it is all sunny and comfortable right through September to April. This could be the best time to visit this island country if one would like to escape the winter chill.


New Zealand is quite far away specially if you are flying from the west coast. From California it takes about 13 hours by air. Despite the distance, flying to New Zealand is not too expensive, plus one can easily bag great bargains if the flights are booked in advance. The discount one can avail will depend on how early one is booking the tickets for the New Zealand vacation.

Once in New Zealand, there is a lot to do and plenty more to see and savor. The country has become apopular vacation destination thanks to “the Lord of the Rings”. The country has breathtaking landscapes and its natural beauty is majestic throughout the year.

Admire the rugged coastlines, offshore islands, geysers, fjords, lakes, mountains, glaciers, unending green valleys, and even volcanoes. Nature seems to have blessed it with plenty.


This picturesque country is made of two compact islands and accessing different parts of it is easy. One could opt to fly between the major cities using the national or the local carrier. For those looking for an economical vacation, the public bus service is amazing. One could always rent a car to travel across the country or opt for an RV or motor home as it is better known here.

One of the best reasons (besides the natural beauty) to visit this compact country is its hundreds of vineyards. One can indulge in plenty of wine tasting, dining and cellar door sales. It is easy to explore these vineyards at one’s leisure and the bicycle is a favorite means of exploration here. Day tours are also a good option for the less adventurous.

Some of the other attractions are the amazing marine life that the country has to offer. Plenty of marine tours are on offer and one can easily spot Giant Sperm Whales, fur seals, albatross, dusky dolphins and even southern right whales, humpback whales and pilot whales if the season is right.

There is plenty for the adrenaline junky too with bungee jumping, jet boating, cave abseiling, hot air ballooning and skydiving. After such an adventure you can cool down with relaxing hot spring dips and volcanic mud pool soaks.


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