Peru is a beautiful country and perfect for family vacations with children. Peru can be a safe place when traveling with children, provided you take adequate care. When traveling with kids it is safer to make prior arrangements regarding accommodation and transportation to avoid any unnecessary hassles. A Peru vacation can be a lot of fun and yet very affordable.

Accommodation in Peru can be on a shoestring budget or at the top end depending on the financial possibilities of the traveler. The bigger cities have options at all levels but the smaller more rustic places may have limited options of accommodation. Even as a family you can choose dorms for your vacation if you are on a budget. You can book them in advance or even find one after reaching there.

The dorms may have kitchen facilities available and may even include breakfast. Avoid staying at party hostels as it may be too noisy and boisterous. Hotels are safer and better with children though a tad expensive. You can find appropriate accommodation with the help of guide books like Lonely Planet and Rough Guide. Booking in advance will prove to be safer and easier when vacationing in Peru with children.

Peru has plenty of eating options, right from street vendors to upscale restaurants. Cheap does not necessarily have to mean inferior quality. One of the best options when traveling with kids would be to try the menus at local restaurants run by families or even the Chinese eateries called Chifas. These can prove to be very economical when you have hungry kids in tow.

In case you have to follow dietary specifications due to food allergies or vegetarian preferences it would be safer to eat in proper restaurants as these local eateries can’t be trusted to give you accurate information. Another thing to be careful about is water. Tap water may not be safe for consumption.

There are different transportation facilities that you can avail when vacationing in Peru with children. If short of time, you can travel by air to the important tourist spots. It would be expensive no doubt but the safest and fastest means of transportation. You may also opt for passenger transport. It can be quite comfortable if you choose reliable companies.

You can even look for car rentals. Traveling by car can be fun and adventurous, especially when traveling the coastal route. It is one of the best ways if you plan to stick to the tourist route, though car rentals may not be the best option when traveling through congested city traffic.

Peru vacations with children can be safe and lot of fun if planned in advance, and with care.


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