If there is one thing that Sardinia is known for, it is wine. Although tourists also enjoy the scenic views of the island, wine sure does bring a lot of wine-loving tourists.

Cantina Gostolai


This is an Oliena based winemaker which is owned by Tonino Arcadu. It is interesting to know that he is a former teacher who has become a friendly host for all those who would like to get to know the great wines that the island has to offer. His strategy is to let the wine age before it is served.

Cantine di Orgosolo


This is a group of six winemakers who decided to form a co-operative and to make experiments regarding wine. Although this might sound strange, we have to admit that they had quite some success. They all have different careers, but wine brings them together, both new and old.

Azienda Giuseppe Sedilesu


The Sedilesu family is a star of the local wine scene. You can find their wines in Mamoiada. This is an interesting town with a more than interesting tradition. The locals dress up in scary pagan costumes and they put on masks made of wood. It is good to know that the wine is 100% organic and it can have up to 16% alcohol.

Poderi Atha Ruja


If you ever get to this winemaker, you should make sure to take a look at the organized rows of vines which make the vineyard flawless. The owners say that the secret of great tasting wine is to work with a limited number of vines and to allow them to produce only limited about of grapes, that all have to be perfect.



Fradiles means cousins and we have to note that the “cousins” prepare a rather special wine. This is because they mix different kinds of grapes in order to achieve a unique taste. The best thing about the wines of these winemakers is that they are quite inexpensive.

Hotel Bue Marino


In case you would like to do some wine tasting while having comfortable accommodation, this is the hotel to go to. However, you should know that this isn’t some fancy hotel. It has simple but cozy rooms in a setting where locals are down to earth and friendly.

The people who like wine will find a lot of activities to do while spending time in Sardinia and there are a lot of different kinds of wines to taste.

photo credit: (http://www.theguardian.com)


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