An exotic beach wedding is a dream shared by enthusiastic couples.

You can make it come true, by choosing the perfect location, complete with backdrop of rushing oceanic waves, cool breeze, soft shimmering sand, pleasant ambience and seagulls flying by.

Best Wedding Beaches

There are many picturesque beaches in America, which are great for wedding.

1. Ogunquit

The name Ogunquit means “beautiful place by the sea” which itself is an indication that it is a picture-perfect venue for a wedding. You can hold the ceremony by the one and a quarter mile expansion of the beach in Maine, which is called the Marginal Way. A clambake cocktail following the ceremony and Maine’s famous lobster feast for dinner will work best.

2. Crane Beach

Crane Beach in Massachusetts is the most noted and attractive swimming beach in the entire New England, which also makes it a spectacular spot for tying the knot. It is situated in Ipswich and runs over four miles, also acting as a natural barrier, protecting the Estuary of Essex River. It’s a great location for animal and environment lovers, as Crane Wildlife Refuge is situated close to it.

3. Watch Hill

Located amid Boston and New York, Watch Hill in Rhode Island is set on a peninsula, surrounded by ocean, offering lovely sunset views. This place is full of history, which is visible at every direction. The Flying Horses Carousel, which is regarded as the country’s oldest carousel makes a delightful spot for photographs.

4. Cooper’s Beach

This beach is a gorgeous and a posh spot in Southampton Village, New York. The beaches in South Hampton are not only elegant, but they also possess equally rich history and heritage. Apart from being the most popular sand stretches in the area, Cooper’s Beach is also enveloped by historic manors along the shores.

5. Avalon

Avalon in New Jersey stretches over seven miles and reflects clean and serene atmosphere, which makes it a favorite local spot. The high dunes of Avalon help in preserving the beach from erosion. These dunes will play a dual role for your beachside wedding as well. Apart from protecting the beach and keeping it intact, the natural green foliage of the native plants make for a picturesque backdrop for your photographs.

6. Coronado, California

To reach Coronado, visitors travel over a splendid, curving bridge, which provides spectacular views of the romantic beauty of this beach. Hotel del Coronado is regarded as the crown jewel of this island, which happens to be one of top most wedding locations in U.S. This spot is sure to provide you with many memorable moments to cherish, on your wedding day.

7. Kapalua Bay Beach

Hawaii’s breathtaking beaches make it a hot wedding destination. One of the best beaches you can choose in Hawaii is Kapalua Bay Beach. It is located in the middle of two lava points giving the shore a nearly perfect crescent shape. This beach is also popular for its tranquil oceanic waves, which makes it an ideal spot for wedding vows.


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