Rugby fans will gather in London, England in February and March as the Six Nations Championships will be taking place at Twickenham Stadium in London on Feb 12th, Feb 26th, and Mar. 13th. The annual tournament is guaranteed to sell out with 82,000 rugby fanatics cheering on their teams at each game. The event features some intriguing years-old international rivalries between England, Scotland, France, and Italy at the upcoming games.

The Six Nations Championship is the oldest rugby competition in the world as it sees the top teams in the Northern Hemisphere taking on each other. The event has existed in different forms now for over 120 years.

The original competitions used to feature Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England, but the tournament expanded a couple of times to include France and Italy.

England won three of the first four tournaments and was the strongest country at the outset, but things have changed over the years and the English haven’t won the tournament since 2003.

They finished third in last year’s event. France won the cup last year and England hopes to upset them at home on Feb. 26th.

The home games for England are as follows: Feb. 12th: England vs Italy at 2.30pm, Feb. 26th: England vs France at 5pm, and March 13th: England vs Scotland at 3pm.

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