Canada’s eastern coast is the home to the beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It lies on the rocky shores of the Atlantic Ocean and features the historic city of St. John’s, which is one of the oldestcenters in North America. When travelling to this colourful city there are some places you shouldn’t miss. These are 10 of themost popular spots in St. John’s.

1. Quidi Vidi Village

Quidi Vidi Village

(photo by mikehawco)

This historic and quaint fishing village sits close to downtown St. John’s. From the village you’ll see some amazing views of the mighty Atlantic Ocean and the rocky coast of eastern Canada. The Quidi Vidi Brewing Company, which is the biggest in Newfoundland, is located here.

2. St. John’s Waterfront

St. Johns Waterfront

(photo by lazylikewally)

St. John’s offers some wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the historic city itself. One of the most popular spots on the waterfront is the Newfoundland National War Memorial. There are also several historic parks and buildings.

3. Signal Hill

Signal Hill

(photo by miguelb)

This amazing National Historic Site looks over St. John’s. It saw many battles throughout the years. It was first built as a citadel, but was manned during the Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil War.

4. Water Street

Water Street

(photo by adampenney)

Believe it or not, Water Street is North America’s oldest street. It dates back to the 16th century and is filled with colourful restaurants, boutiques, and souvenir shops. The Yellow Belly Brewery makes its home on Water Street too.

5. The Battery

(photo by pvdEric)

At the bottom of Signal Hill you’ll find a charming neighborhood called the Battery. This region of St. John’s is famous for its brightly painted houses as well as the steep hills that climb through it. It’s also a historic spot as it was used to defend St. John’s Harbour in the First and Second World Wars.

6. Cape Spear Lighthouse

Cape Spear Lighthouse

(photo by Mad Mou)

This national historic site dates back to 1836. There’s always been a lighthouse on the Avalon Peninsula’s Cape Spear since then, but the present house has been working since 1955. Even though it’s relatively new, it’s still the oldest working lighthouse in the province.

7. East Coast Trail

East Coast Trail

(photo by spacecat)

The East Coast Trail is a fabulous spot to explore the Atlantic coast by foot. This amazing hiking trailis over 300 miles long and passes by some charming coastal villages and picturesque coastline.

8. Bowring Park

Bowring Park

(photo by ffreshness)

If you’d like to relax and watch the world go by, then take a trip to Bowring Park while in St. John’s. It was opened in 1914 and features a swimming pool and several statues.

9. The Rooms

The Rooms st johns

(photo by choco86)

The Rooms is known as St. John’s and Newfoundland’s culture club. It’s filled with the province’s archives, as well as a museum and art gallery all under one roof.

10. George Street

George street st johns

(photo by nostri-imago)

If you’d like to relax and have a drink in St. John’s, the George Street is where you should be as it’s filled with pubs and bars. There are actually more drinking establishments per square foot on George Street than anywhere else in all of North America. Auto traffic is only allowed between 8 am and noon.


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