Tanzania is another African nation that’s ideal to explore by taking a safari. The country is filled with spectacular scenery and wildlife and its climate makes at an excellent destination all year round.

If you’re lucky enough to visit during the great migration between late July and September you may be able to witness close to two million large animals while they’re on the move.

The most famous destination on any Tanzanian safari is the famous Serengeti National Park, which is the largest in the nation. The park consists of about 5,700 square miles of plains that stretch out as far as your eyes can see.


The region is home to a wide range of wild animals. In fact, many people consider the park to contain the most diverse group of animals in the world.

Another excellent location to view the wildlife while on a safari is the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This site is also known by many as Africa’s Eden.

You’ll descend about 2,000 feet down into the Ngorongoro crater where you can see large herds of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle as well as their predators.


Exploring Lake Manyara National Park is a good idea as it’s filled with bush plains, dense and lush forests, hot springs, and rugged cliffs. The diverse landscapes are home to many different types of animals such as elephants, impalas, pink flamingos, giraffes, baboons, and yellow-billed storks.

If you’d like to see some elephants you just have south from Lake Manyara to Tarangire National Park.

Tanzania is also an ideal place to visit coffee plantations and interact with the nation’s indigenous peoples. Some safaris will also take you to the nearby island of Zanzibar, which is just off of the coast of Tanzania.



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