The rain forest is surely the most spectacular scenery on Earth and no matter how strongly you believe that this realm of green vegetation and unique ecosystem is fitted only for the scientists you should take under consideration going there for a vacation.

The rain forest might be far from an all inclusive resort but for young people, they are enjoying both adventure and fun and getting in touch with an amazing nature where life breathes from every corner.

The rainforest is spread over the territory of several countries of which the largest part is spread in the countries of South America.

If you want to make the best of your visit in the rain forest here are the places that will offer you the best experience.

Panama has the richest in vegetation territory where the forest is at home harboring species of plants that have not yet been discovered.

Make sure you visit the island of Coiba for it is the most fascinating leisure place there.

Thailand is surely a paradise but here the rainforest is bringing close the opportunity of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. Khao Sok national park is the ideal place to spend a vacation close to the beauty of rainforest.

Borneo, the crown jewel of Malaysia is the ideal place for those in love with treasure hunting myths, for here the forest has all the richness you see in those movies and even more the chance to see live monkeys and pygmy elephants. Make sure you are safe from leeches because they can be really annoying.

Brazil, the homeland of the most beautiful part of rainforest that spreads along the Amazon will welcome you with open arms, a wonderful ecosystem and amazing opportunities to have a wonderful time.

You can enjoy eco-lodging for it is the new trend created for those visiting the forest.

If you are worried about language barriers, don’t be, for English speaking guides are available in each of these areas. Along the way you will have the opportunity to meet fascinating people and observe them in their natural environment.

Allow yourself to experience the beauty of the nature in all its mighty qualities from flora and fauna to the unique scenery that holds the most fascinating green beauty that only Earth in its entire splendor was able to create. Go see the rainforest!


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