Year after year when the winter is almost over and spring is near, we are allowed to dream of attending two of the most popularcarnivals in the world: The Carnival of Venice (26 February- 8 March) and the Rio Carnival (4 March-8 March). Although both of them were started out of the tradition of partying hard before the Lent, the two events are very much different.


They welcome the tourists with the air of two different cultures and offer the ones ready to go wild for afew days – the opportunity to have a good time and make unforgettable memories.

Venezia Carnevale

For those in love with the classical air of the old Europe, for those who like sumptuous costumes and spectacular masks, Venice is the perfect destination for the beginning of March. The masks are unique in the world, and whether they are golden, silver, round or oval, they are beautifully decorated with feathers, glitter, semiprecious stones, lace, turbans or exquisite embroidery.

This carnival takes you to mystical times, in the XIV-XVII centuries, and the entire Venice receives a spectacular glam shining with colors and lights and encouraging people to love and have fun. No wonder that during many centuries this was the cradle of European artists.

You surely remember Heath Ledger’s “Casanova” from 2005 and the love story of Angelina and Johnny Depp from the “Tourist”. Venice is surely the place for lovers to travel for it encourages romance.

Carnaval del Rio

For those in love with the new, opulent décor, amazing colors and unforgettable Brazilian nights, the Rio de Janeiro carnival is the perfect spring destination. Since 1723 the carnival was the main attraction of the area, fact that contributed to the global recognition of the city.

Rio de Janeiro, righteously called Cidade Maravilhosa – Miracle City – is the land of Samba and carnivalparty. When we say Samba, the thought flies to Brazil and Rio because here is where this blood racing dance came to be. Rio de Janeiro has always been associated with the idea of Samba and the image of the largest and most vivid celebration in the world.

The carnival is surely the best time to be in Rio for no other time of the year will allow you to see the true spectacular side of this city.

The carnival parties are always an occasion to lose inhibitions and have fun. No matter if it’s Rio or Venice, this special party is the perfect opportunity to get into costume and enjoy being free of worries for a few days.  Wherever you go, keep in mind that life should be enjoyed to the maximum and theCarnivals of spring are perfect for this purpose.


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