Nippon or “the land of rising sun” welcomes the auto lover to the mega Auto Salon. Tokyo is hosting the annual auto salon during the third week of January. One of the best times to visit the city if it happens to be on your must see list.

This historical city was formerly called Edo. It was originally a small castle town which became a bustling and highly populated city after 1603, when it became the political center of Japan. Tokyo means the eastern capital. It was so named when the emperor shifted the capital from Kyoto.

The historical city is now hosting the very modern Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. One can expect to see plenty of custom imported cars and other related products. Taking advantage of this exhibition the visitors are expected to tour in and around the city to discover the delights it holds for them.

Tokyo Auto Salon Tour has been planned to make it easy for the visitors to visit and enjoy the exhibitions along with an extended tour to discover the various auto shopping delights on offer. The tour includes a visit to Shibuya, Harajuku and Akhibara too. The reservations for this 9 days/8 night tour are available.


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