tuscan vineyardItaly has a lot to offer the international traveler, with its slower pace of life, great sense of history and stunning scenery.

The region of Tuscany, which is in the centre of Italy and includes a strip of coastline to the west, is home to the leaning tower of Pisa and the renaissance movement.

With its natural beauty and wonderful architecture, Tuscany is a perfect destination and renting a villa tucked into the Italian hillside is hard to beat in terms of finding somewhere to stay here. You will soon feel part of the way of life and time will quite literally stand still.

Vineyards will provide you with great wines and the many markets give you great local ingredients to indulge your palette and cook great food. There are many good family restaurants throughout the region, which as would be expected are of a very high standard.

This is Leonardo Da Vinci, and Michelangelo country, so a day trip to the city of Florence is a must to soak up the history and enjoy the many galleries and museums that you will find there.

The city was actual established by Julius Caesar and was to be the very heart of the Italian Renaissance movement from the thirteen hundreds and last for several hundred years.

Travel is made easy by the location of an international airport in Florence and car rental is very inexpensive. Obviously transport is essential to get the most out of this perfect destination and a villa will provide the rest.

city of Florence


florence city wall


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