One of the most exciting places to ring in the New Year in Germany is at the Brandenburg Gate in the wonderful and historic city of Berlin at the annual Berlin Open End (Silvester in Berlin) celebration.

About a million people gather at the Brandenburg Gate to cheer in the New Year with a spectacular fireworks display at midnight. There are also several live music shows to keep everybody entertained leading up to the countdown.

The historic site, which is along one of the most famous and beautiful street’s in the world, is used since the early 1990s as it used to represent the separation between West and East Germany.

The event is popular all over the world as over 300 international and national television channels broadcast the Berlin festivities.

The party features video screens, two stages, party tents, a media centre, refreshment and food stands, laser and light shows and the fireworks extravaganza. The event showcases a variety of international musicians and bands and disc jockeys take over after midnight to keep the party going until the early hours of the morning.

Each year’s event is truly exciting and unique with a fantastic atmosphere. You definitely don’t have to be German to enjoy New Year’s Eve in the nation’s capital.

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