Morocco is always an exotic destination, but in case you are going for a family trip, here are some tips you should follow.

Don’t forget Morocco is very different from all other destinations, so try to take the best from this country without getting into a trouble. Morocco’s Marrakesh is a town, which is praised for being excellent for family vacations.

There your kids will have plenty to see and enjoy. At first place, the shops are very exotic and eccentric. The typical Arabic elements that are inserted into each Marrakesh store resemble the Harry Potter’s stories.

Your children will be surely amazed by the Aladdin-esque lamps, the Cinderella toys and all the magical interior of the store. Another part of Morocco, which attracts thousands of tourists, is riding camels. They are everywhere and mostly- you can afford a 15-minute camel-ride, because it is an inexpensive pleasure.

Kasbah Le Mirage is the right resort for you, in case you want to taste the local traditions of Morocco. As for the facilities, Morocco isn’t very lavish, except if you are into a super luxury resort, but typically the plunge pools and the low electrical outlets is something to consider, especially if you are on vacation with children.

Casablanca is also a must in your journey. This is a remarkable city that offers all kind of activities, but it isn’t recommendable for family vacations, simply because it is too crowded and noisy.

There is a destination, which you need to consider as important, in case you want to experience the African atmosphere in Morocco. The Chefchaouen, Tangier is small amazing town, which is famous for its natural beauty and moreover, it stays hidden from the touristic crowds.

There the atmosphere is tranquil and magical as all the walls are blue, which you shouldn’t miss out. In case you want to learn more for Morocco’s history, Bou Attarin Medersa, Fes is the exact place for you. There you can enjoy family resorts as nearby are located historical landmarks and ancient buildings.

There are also lots of museums and amazing alleys, where your children can play. The outdoor activities are typically part of the family vacations, so Morocco surely has to be praised about it.

The towns of Agadir and Essaouira are two great spots for windsurfing, picnic and all kind of water activities. As for the food, the local food is surely an experience. There is nothing tastier then Moroccan bread or the home-made humus, but it is a bit too heavy for your children. The good news is that there is a children menu almost in any resort.


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