Fall is one of the most pleasant seasons. For many people, this is exactly the season of the honeymooners. In case you are choosing a destination for your honeymoon, here are few destinations that will surely promise a remarkable stay.

At first, don’t fall for the cliché that honeymoons should be only on the tropical islands. There are many destinations that don’t include the crowds and the loud parties, typically, the Bahamas.

You can go to Europe, for there the autumn surely has a lot to offer. Germany is one of those destinations that don’t include sea and beach, but they offer Oktoberfest and lots of attraction, which cannot be experienced in the U.S. Of course, as a symbol of the eternal love, there is already a town – Paris.

The good news is that Paris is not so crowded in the autumn as it is it in the summer, so you enjoy walks in this eternal city, without being disturbed by noisy tourists.

Most of the couples are seeking privacy; Switzerland is the right place for them. In the autumn, the country offers breath-taking views of the Alps, great resorts and full relaxes in their spa-centers, not to mention their amazing chocolate houses and traditions.

Another country, which is quite linked to the vision of love and romance, is Italy. The eternal Rome isn’t the only place to visit and you can avoid the crowds in Venice or Naples.

Go for the small Italian towns, they hide amazing beauty and relaxing stay. Recently Sicily is very famous place for fall honeymoons. There you will experience history, tradition, good cuisines and privacy.

In case you don’t wish to spend your honeymoon in Italy, you can do it in Austria. The capital of Austria, Vienna is popular as the capital of the culture in Europe. There you can enjoy fine music, great galleries and of course, the typical Vienna balls.

For those of you that are not planning honeymoons abroad, there are some perfect honeymoon destinations in the U.S. The first place belongs to Napa Valley in California.

The wine region is offering great resorts and great experience, especially in October and November. Arizona and Georgia are also good places for your honeymoon, for they are amazingly beautiful in the autumn, not to mention they are less crowded and good for a relaxing vacation.


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