The small country of Albania is well worth visiting and you may want to take a trip there before it’s discovered and becomes a popular tourist destination. But you better hurry as more and more travelers are becoming aware of this picturesque and charming European nation.

The country is filled with beautiful sunny, sandy beaches that lie on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, along with scenic mountain vistas, and mouth-watering cuisine. Albania also possesses a diverse and rich cultural history and you can witness all of its splendour without having to beat off the crowds and fight for space.

The landscape is simply beautiful and there are many national parks where you can explore the countryside. Albania’s been influenced by many different cultures throughout its history. These include Greek, Roman, and Illyrian cultures.

The capital city of Tirana has plenty of wonderful historic and cultural places to visit and you can also take a trip over to the city of Butrint, which is a major Balkan archaeological center. Albania has plenty to offer visitors of all ages and interests as there are numerous indoor and outdoor sights and sounds to explore. The country features all of this and if you’d just rather get away from it all and lay on the beach, you can certainly do that too.

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