With the world being covered in so much water it means there are thousands of locations in it where you can get some breathtaking ocean views from the land. These are among the best destinations on the planet for amazing views of both the land and the mighty oceans.

1. Scotland, St. John’s Head, Hoy, Orkney Islands

If you head to the charming island of Hoy and then venture to the northernmost spot, you’ll see the highest sea cliff in Britain, which is known as St. John’s Head. It’s home to some rough waters and can be quite a trek to reach the base of it.

If you don’t feel like hiking it you can get some excellent views from the local ferry which sails from Scrabster over to Stromness. If you reach the cliff when the sun goes down you’ll see some beautiful shades of red reflecting from it. If you take the ferry you’ll also be able to witness a 450-foot tall sea stack known as the Old Man of Hoy.

2. Spain, Son Marroig, Mallorca

Spain Son Marroig

There’s some exceptional scenery around the town of Son Marroig on Mallorca’s lovely north coast. There’s an old property here which dates back to the mid-1800s which features some great sweeping vistas that hang over the dramatic Na Foradada peninsula. The views are fantastic since there’s a 60 foot hole in the middle of the peninsula. There’s a museum at Son Marroig, which is the start of a two-mile route to Na Foradada.

3. Portugal, Sagres

Portugal Sagres

The beautiful Portuguese city of Sagres is famous for more than its beer. It’s the most southwestern point in mainland Europe and the bay here offers some tremendous views of the Atlantic Ocean. The area is quiet adventurous, romantic, and historical. Prince Henry the Navigator headed to Sagres in the 1400s and opened the famous School of Navigation.

This is where cartographers and sailors learned their crafts before exploring the world’s seaways and navigating a route to India. It’s a small city that’s best explored by foot and Cape St. Vincent is just a stone’s throw away from the bay.

4. Ireland, Dun Aengus, Aran Islands

Ireland Dun Aengus

This destination is home to one of the most amazing cliff forts in Europe. The fort consists of 3 semicircles which have been constructed with ancient stone walls. The cliff that it sits on is about 330 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. From the court of the fort you’ll be presented with some fabulous views of the distant Connemara coast and a small island named Inishmore.

You can reach the fort by ferry from several locations including Rossaveal, and Doolin. The main town on Aran is the picturesque Kilronan.

5. Mexico, Mirador Escenico, San Carlos

Mexico Mirador Escenico

The gorgeous ocean lookout of Miarador Escenico is located just a few miles down the road from wonderful San Carlos. The views peer across the Gulf of California which features a volcanic hill that dramatically reaches out of the water. There are also several pretty isolated coves, including Playa Piedras Pintas.

When reaching Mirador you should also see some interesting marine life such as whales, pelicans, and dolphins. You can head out into the Sea of Cortes in the gulf by kayak and explore the scenery. Fishing boats can also be rented in San Carlos. Most people head there for fishing and sailing between the months of November and May.

6. Iceland, Látrabjarg

The Westfjords are known as the most isolated area in Iceland. Here you’ll find an amazing bird cliff that’s filled with a huge colony of razorbills. It’s also the westernmost point in Europe and theLatrabjarg cliff can be found here. It’s close to nine miles long and just over 1,450 feet in height. There are some white sandy beaches below and the Snæfellsjokull glacier can be seen sticking out of the misty waters. Latrabjarg is about 35 miles from  the charming village of Patreksfjorour.


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