The music festival season will be starting any day now in many areas of the world. These are some of this year’s top festivals.

1. T in the Park, Kinross, Scotland

This show runs from July 7th to 11th and usually sells out very quickly. It’s getting bigger every year and sometimes utilizes 10 different stages. The festival offers more than just music as you’ll also find fairgrounds, games, concessions, and rides to keep you busy. There’s also a huge campground so make sure you take a long a sleeping bag or tent to enjoy the atmosphere in the Kinross countryside.

Artists featured this year: The Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Arctic Monkeys.

2. The Soundwave Music Festival, Petrcane, Croatia

This event takes place between July 22nd and 24th and features some of the world’s top rock acts. It’s a popular event with young adults and is starting to attract students from all over Europe. However, the event starts out on the road as there’s a specific European route that’s mapped out for those attending and they stop at specific places on the way to meet each other and party.

Artists featured this year: Primus, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, Queens of the Stone Age, and Third Eye Blind.

3. Rock am Ring/Rock im Park, Nuremberg and Nurburg, Germany

This festival runs from July 3rd the 5th and is the biggest in Germany. It takes place in the cities of Nurburg and Nuremberg. However, both events take place at the same time so you have to make a choice of cities. Nurburg offers tranquil scenery and Nuremberg is quite historical. Either way, you won’t miss anything as the musicians play both cities.

Artists featured this year: Alter Bridge, 3 Doors Down, Korn, Coldplay, Wolfmother, and Pete Doherty.

4. Festival Internacional de Benicassim, Benicassim, Spain

This festival combines rock music with great beaches. The main types of music are pop, electronic, and rock. However, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy such as short films, fashion shows, and live theatre. The concerts usually get underway about 5 p.m. and go all through the night until about 8 o’clock the next morning. The festival takes place from July 14th to 17th.

Artists featured this year: Mumford & Sons, Brandon Flowers, Portishead, and Bombay Bicycle Club.

5. The Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark

This festival takes place in Roskilde, which is an ancient Viking town on the isle of Zealand. The event was launched in 1971 by a couple of high school students and is now one of the biggest music events in Europe. This year’s festival is a four-day event from between June 30th and July 3rd. It showcasesworld-recognized musicians and includes various types of music, such as hip hop, world music, and electronic.

Artists featured this year: Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Deadmau5, and Lykke Li.

6. Bestival, The Isle of Wight, England

This is one of the most diverse festivals going as it offers alternative options to most corporate-style events. This year’s show runs between September 8th and 11th and features well-known acts as well as quirky competitions and tents. Fancy Dress is popular as it features concertgoers decked out in crazy costumes. There were 55,000 of them in 2010.

Artists featured this year: Robyn, The Cure, Diplo, Fatboy Slim, and Kelis.

7. Summer Sonic Festival, Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

This is one of the world’s newer festivals, but it’s still a favourite. It features international rock acts as well as talented local musicians of many genres. It runs on August 13th and 14th and is split between Tokyo and Osaka and all of the acts play both of the cities.

Artists featured this year: The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, At The Disco, Simple Plan, Panic, and Mutemath.

8. Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary

This festival originally started after communism fell in Hungary. It’s now one of the top internationalmusic events in Europe. It features a wide variety of styles, such as jazz, rock, blues, and world music. It takes place on an island in the middle of the city and runs between August 8th and 15th this year.

Artists featured this year: Amy Winehouse, Interpol, Good Charlotte, and the Chemical Brothers.

9. Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Montreal, Canada

This huge jazz festival takes place between June 25th and July 4th. It takes place in the heart of Montreal at various venues, such as outdoor stadiums and intimate clubs. Most of the downtown streets are blocked off for open-air performances.

Artists featured this year: The Jolly Boys, Random Recipe, Florence K, and Robert Plant.


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