—Unwind in a unique and amazing tropical location!

Yoga will never be the same after you’ve experienced it in the tropical environs of Latin America. These stunning and well-rounded yoga experiences are unparalleled in their offerings.

1. Atmananda Yoga Retreat, Cartagena, Columbia

Melt away your stress and gain a deeper understanding of your inner self by immersing yourself in the sand and surf of Colombia. This country is still in its infancy as a tourist destination, so that means lots of room and lower prices. This yoga retreat is in a beautiful colonial Caribbean town and uses the practice of vinyasa yoga to help you unwind.

2. PURE, Granada, Nicaragua

PURE in the beautiful colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua, is another gem in the world of yoga retreats. Here you’ll find daily and week-long yoga programs and wellness retreats for every style and level from itinerant and established instructors. After hours, explore Granada where you’ll find affordable accommodation and a tropical paradise.

3. Costa Rica Yoga Spa, Costa Rica

Practice your yoga by the rising or setting of the sun, by the beach or with the tropical rainforest as your backdrop. Here you’ll find a relaxing and unique yoga experience as well as wonderful spa packages. There are yoga experiences for men and women, yoga combined with eco adventures, and much more.

4. Present Moment Retreat, Troncones Beach, Mexico

Who said you can’t have yoga without luxury? This amazing Mexican spa and yoga resort is just what the doctor ordered. Here you can work out your tension as the sun rises, then finish the morning with a massage or sit by the pool. There are activities, workshops, and healing arts enough for everyone.

5. Hacienda San Lucas, Honduras

Practice your yoga amidst ancient Mayan ruins at the Hacienda San Lucas in Honduras. This yoga retreat center and eco lodge lets you relax in a tropical environmental, enjoy organic coffee, and participate in the local culture (if you like). Spectacular views of the valley and the ruins will stay with you forever.

6. Willka Tika Garden Guesthouse, Peru

Located in the sacred valley of the Inka in Peru, this is a spiritual, cultural, and architectural haven for those yogis looking for a truly awe inspiring experience. It features vegetarian and organic foods, tropical gardens, and classes in yoga, pilates, nia, Tai Chi, and much more.

7. EcoParaiso, Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico

Enjoy intensive yoga workshops at this resort in Mexico where you’ll experience talks, psycho-social dynamic exercises, aerobic warm-ups, relaxation sessions, mantras, and kundalini yoga kriyas in a tropical beach environment. Experienced instructors provide a highly beneficial experience regardless of your skill level.

8. Nica Yoga, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

This yoga center is located in the little fishing village of San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua and bills itself as the first yoga retreat in the country. They offer a regular retreat schedule where you can join small groups for truly relaxing yoga experiences. And if you’re a budding yogi, join this retreat center to work the kinks out of your teaching style.


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