By making all your clothes interchangeable, you ensure that you’ll have multiple outfits and can still be able to close your suitcase. All it takes is a little planning – style without the stress. Here are some handy tips to help you pack for your business trip.

Trousers or skirts

With a little careful planning, you can eliminate the need to pack multiple pairs of shoes and too many accessories like belts and jewellery. You don’t necessarily need to keep all your trousers and skirts the same colour, just make sure they match. It’s best to stick with dark colours as they are less likely to show dirt, and cleaning facilities might not always be to hand.


Dresses are a good option, as they are an outfit in themselves and rid you of the need to pack extra blouses, skirts or trousers.

A little black dress is perfect for a business trip. Wear it with a blazer during the day for work then add in some heels and you have the perfect evening outfit. There are plenty of elegant dresses designed specifically with work in mind, and Elle have put together a list of some of the best designs out there.

Blazers and coats

By bringing a work jacket or blazer along with you, you can make a more casual dress or outfit look more professional. This way you won’t need to bring different outfits for when you’re working and socialising.

Blazers are no longer the typically stuffy affairs that you were forced to wear at school. There are countless styles and designs out there that look both stylish and smart, from plunging necklines and three-quarter-length sleeves, to bottomless, open-fronted cardigan-like designs.

You never know when the weather might turn, so it’s also an idea to have a good coat on hand. Long coats are a great, smart addition to any business outfit and provide it with the best protection from any showers you might find yourself caught in.


Tops should be easy to choose once you have your skirts or skirts sorted. Simply coordinate colours or prints to complete the outfit.

Workout clothes

One of the best things about business trips and conferences is the free hotel facilities. So while you have the chance, you may as well take advantage of the free gym.

When packing workout gear, think of space. Avoid bulky items like hoodies and try to pack light. It’s also good to go for gear that’s easy to dry. This way you can wash it in the sink after each workout session and hang it up to dry for the next one.


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