While travelling you always carry your gadgets such as your phone, MP3 player, tablet, camera, laptop, chargers, extra battery, etc. It is hard to be without the gadgets, especially the phone as it helps to keep track every detail of the journey.

However, you should also be aware that gadget theft is in vogue, so you should be careful on your journey and you must know how to protect your gadgets from any kind of threat. Here are some tricky ways on how you can keep your gadgets safe while travelling –

tips to keep gadgets, travel safe

12 Super Quick Tips to help you keep your Gadgets Safe Whilst Travelling:

1. You cannot Afford to be Forgetful

Remember to carry all your handy gadgets along with you all the time. According to the report from different airlines it is found out that people often tend to forget their expensive gadgets at the airport.

2. The Safety of the Gadgets

Always cover the gadget in some protective cover to avoid it from getting wet or damaged.

3. Be thorough with your Gadget

In case if you lose any of your gadget be ready to describe it properly to the authorities. You should remember the colour, make, model number or any other unique information regarding the gadget in order to get it back.

4. Better to keep the Phones or iPod in a Handy Bag

Avoid keeping the gadgets in the back pocket as while you are on the flight the gadget might stay back on your comfortable seat.

5. Tag your Gadget

Label it with a proper camouflaging tape by mentioning your name and number.

6. Sharpen your Mind

Your phone might be in your hand, but do remember the other gadgets you are carrying with you. Keep checking just to be sure that you are not forgetting any of those.

7. Pack your Luggage Sensibly

You must remember that gadgets are very expensive and they are very dear to you. While packing carry the gizmos in a hand luggage. If you do not want to use them all the time, then keep them securely inside the luggage bag. This can prevent theft or harm to the devices.

8. Get your Gadget Insured

Keep in mind that while travelling Travel Insurance should be in the high priority list. If you are carrying a DSLR camera or a high end laptop make sure that your policy covers it.

9. An Itinerary for yourself

Keep a list of all the things you are carrying with you on the vacation. Does not matter whether it is expensive or cheap. This is a very easy way to keep track of your belongings.

10. Hide the Brand Name

It is better to cover up the logo or brand name of the gadget to avoid theft or even to avoid attention.

11. Padlocks may be of help

This is not the best plan, still it is safe to use it as it is not as easy as a zipper.

12. Safety Measures for Gadgets in a Hotel Room

You should always be one step ahead when it comes to security. Make sure that there is a safe in your hotel room for you to keep your gadgets and money secure.

Your eyebrows will always be relaxed and there will be no wrinkles on your forehead if you can follow these few simple steps towards the safety of your expensive gadgets.


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