These nifty travel gloves from TrailHeads are perfect for that bicycle ride or a run in the park. They keep your hands nice and warm on your outdoor sojourns. These Lycra gloves with terry lining are comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

Targeted at runners, cyclists and those who need to leave home on a quick errand; these lightweight gloves are suitable for general travel too. The unique double flap pocket on each hand is great to carry a few dollar bills and your keys.

It proves really handy when you need a little cash, as you don’t have to dig into your pockets with gloved hands. The pockets can come in handy to stash a little cash while traveling. These compact gloves are easy to wash and quick to dry making them suitable for travel.

The flap pocket has a Hyperreflect strip on top; to give you increased visibility at night adding another feature to your night safety. It can be quite useful if you want to ride or run after dark. These Stow and Go Gloves are true to their name. You can simply stow money and may be the house key and go. You can buy these from Amazon or from the TrailHeads website for $28.00. Check out the home site for trendy winter wear to keep you active.



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