Be at the airport two hours before your international flight. Remember to pack according to the latest baggage allowance. Sort out your transfers. You can’t check into the hotel before 2pm. If you get up after 10am you’ll miss the breakfast buffet. Oh – and when you leave, remember to checkout before 11am, even though your flight isn’t until later that night.

No one likes being told what to do, but strict itineraries are unfortunately part and parcel of the package holiday process.Family holidays shouldn’t be restrictive. They should be stress-free. After all, it’s your time. It’s a chance to unwind and have fun. Holidays should be on your terms.

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Advantage of Camping

It’s no wonder that more and more people are camping. It goes without saying that the number one advantage of taking your caravan, campervan or tent and pitching up at a location of your choice is the freedom that it brings.


Go when you want. Leave when you want. Eat what you like – when you like. Explore your surroundings when you’re fit and ready. It really is liberating, and it brings so many more advantages for you and the family.


You have a choice of luxury. For the more adventurous, staying in a field in the middle of nowhere, with just the essentials, brings a sense of challenge and excitement. It’s the authentic camping experience. It doesn’t just bring you closer to nature – you’re practically part of it!


At the other end of the spectrum, there are campsites with tents ready and waiting for you abroad at places like Eurocamp, so you can save on luggage space in the car. Maybe you want a bit more luxury and quite fancy a safari style tent – or even a wooden lodge – withswimming pools, convenience stores and activities all on site.

Cost Effective

Even this is more cost effective than booking hotels, flights and transfers – and you still get the freedom that comes with camping. If you’ve driven to the south of France, Lake Garda in Italy or the Catalonian coast in Spain, then you have the option of using your car to explore further.

It saves on the cost of local transport, and by adventuring off the beaten track you’re destined to discover places that package holiday tourists don’t get to see.

Cosy and Convenient

There’s an element of cosiness and togetherness that camping brings, which you just don’t get with package holidays. It’s not about sacrificing comfort either. Campsites – especially those in Europe – are well equipped. Camping gives you the chance to create a holiday that’s convenient for you and your family.

And there’s just something about open fires and sleeping beneath the stars that ignites the excitement in all of us.

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