Planning a trip to Australia requires some preparation and orientation based on the activities you are looking forward to. Here is a quick look at the essentials of planning your Australian wanderlust.

plan a trip to australia1.When to Visit

The best time to visit Australia is during the Australian summer, that is, winter for those living in the Northern hemisphere. It will be hot though, if that does not appeal you can plan a trip to Australia from April to October.

Temperatures are not too high or low making it the best time to visit The Great Barrier Reef, Red Centre and the Top End. However steer clear of going in January as this is when Australians take their summer vacation.

2.Getting There

Australia can be reached by air or by water. You stand to get better deals if you plan and book your tickets well in advance. Shopping for flights is also not a bad idea. Qantas is Australia’s national carrier and offers great deals on both national and international flights.

With its huge network and connectivity, Quantas and its subsidiaries are the best way to navigate through Australia. You can access Qantas flight and airline information online or through their customer service center or by contacting your local travel agent for availability and bookings.

Visiting Australia on a cruise ship has a charm of its own, but is usually reserved for those who plan a long holiday.

3.Food and Stay

Choosing a place to stay is relatively easy in Australia. All hotels and resorts come with a star rating awarded by the tourism ministry which makes it easy to identify the right place for your budget and convenience.

Depending on how long you are staying in a place, you could also go for serviced apartments, B&Bs, motels or inns. Australia serves a continental cuisine wherever you go but do not miss out on some of the local delicacies that are part of the experience.

4.Places to See

Apart from their famous port cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, Australia has endless beaches, outback adventures and national monuments that are a must see. Depending on your interests, you can add water sports, carnivals and festivals, and exotic vineyard trips as part of your travel to Australia.

5.Special Attractions

The not to miss special attractions of Australia include: Sydney, The Great Barrier Reef, The Uluru, Tasmania and of course the enchanting Gold Coast.

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