travelingTraveling, whether across the country or around the world, usually is an exciting venture.

However, a lovely vacation can turn negative if you are robbed or worse yet, physically harmed during an altercation.

To prevent yourself from being a victim, you need to become less of target. The following are several basic tips to help make you less vulnerable to thieves. [Travel safety]

  • Do not bring expensive valuables with you in the first place. Similarly, if you do have jewelry with you, avoid wearing them out in public.
  • When enroute on your trip, keep your luggage with you at all times and keep them locked. By placing locks on your luggage, a wayward airline employee or fellow traveler won’t be able to steal things when you are not vigilant.
  • Instead of bringing large amount of cash, bring credit cards and traveler’s checks instead. Credit cards and traveler’s checks are always replaceable.
  • When out in the public, blend in as much as possible. You don’t want to look like a tourist that will attract potential thieves.
  • When you are walking around in a crowd, don’t carry a purse; or wear a backpack or fanny pack on your back. It is extremely easy for a thief to walk up behind you, cut the bag on your back open, and run away with the contents.
  • Adopt the local practices as much as possible such as renting a car that is normally found in the streets and wearing the native styles if possible.
  • Most of all, use basic common sense. Always be knowledgeable and very alert to the potential of being mugged and that way, you will always be on guard which will give you a heads up over the thief.


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