budget travelIt’s almost that time of year again – time to start planning a summer vacation for you and your family.

With the economy falling, many families are looking for budget travel tips to keep the cost of the vacation as low as possible. Here are some great tips that can save a lot of money.

1. Vacation Packages

Many travel companies are offering tremendous savings on summer vacation packages.  Since some are choosing not to travel this year, the travel companies are offering discounted packages in order to keep the number of customers up.

You can book your hotel, flight, and even some of the attraction tickets for one price and see significant savings over purchasing each aspect separately. Some companies are offering extended nights for free or even free attraction tickets when you book through them.

2. Book Well in Advance

This is probably one of the most cost-effective things you can do. Rates for nearly everything are much less expensive when you book far in advance. This is usually the case when it comes to airfare.

As an added bonus, you may want to consider traveling during the middle of the week. You can often find airfare that is almost half of what a flight would cost on the weekend.

3. Pack Lightly

Almost all the airlines are now charging for additional baggage. Since these fees apply in each direction, the extra set of clothes or shoes can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars. Pack only what you need and consider purchasing additional items at your destination.

There are also many security rules in place for most forms of public transportation nowadays. Check before you leave to be sure you will be in compliance with these rules and regulations.

4. Travel with Friends or Family

You can often find terrific deals if you travel in a larger group. You may also be able to share some of the costs, such as rental cars, parking, and take out. You may also want to consider camping on the way to your destination.

This can be a great deal of fun and will give you a terrific chance to relax. A camp site with water and electricity can be a third of what you pay for a hotel room, dinner, and breakfast.

5. Consider All Inclusive Accommodations

If you have children, this really may be one of the best bets for the travel season. You may pay a few dollars extra for the accommodations, but many hotels are now offering full breakfasts, snacks, and even a drink or two for the adults. Some resorts will include all meals during your stay.

You will only have to take care of tipping and alcoholic drinks in most cases. These little bonus items can quickly add up in your pocketbook.

In Closing

There are many ways to save some money on your summer vacation. Research is the key to finding a great deal. Booking online can often offer substantial savings over phoning in reservations or using a travel agency.

Just be sure you keep the confirmation numbers in case of a problem. Enjoy your vacation!


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