Denmark, Norway and Sweden are the official countries that form Scandinavia. Also Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are included by some in this beautiful region.

So if you get the chance to pass by, you should know that there are infinite possibilities to spend the best time of your life. You could choose the archipelagos of Sweden and Norway, the fjords, the Scandinavian Mountains or the flat areas in Denmark.

You’ll enjoy fresh clean air, crystal water, wonderful cuisine or culture. You will also find a few of the oldest traditions in Europe, warm people, live parties, welcoming smiles and a life paced in the rhythm of the waves, constant, steady and fun.

So if you want to spend an adventurous vacation, or just take your newly-wed and spend your honeymoon, Scandinavia is the place to be. There are amazing sandy beaches where you can enjoy a romantic walk with your loved one in summer.

You could choose between varieties of beaches: the beaches along the Danish coastline, great water and facilities, the Swedish Riviera, Paradise Bay in Norway, the beach in Reykjavik where you can enjoy heated sea water or sunny beaches in Helsinki.

One thing people love to do is to watch the Northern Lights in Norway. This is a unique phenomenon in the world, as the particles from the solar wind get trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field, the flames on the sky can be seen only from Polar Regions.

You can spend your honeymoon, visiting the castles or quiet gardens of Denmark, relaxing in a hot thermal pool in the Blue Lagoon of Iceland, or swimming with the whales in Norway or visiting Legoland.

If you enjoy spending quality time while practicing sports, just go skiing in Norway, one of the best places to spend your winter vacation.

If you want to get to know Scandinavian traditions you’ll find out that there are a lot of unique festivals, feasts and traditional fairs almost any time of the year: Saint Knut’s Day, Thorrablot Midwinter Feast, Beers Day in Iceland, Waffle Day, Stockholm Food Festival, Fish Festivals, Rain Festivals and a lot of arts or rock festivals.

If you would like to enjoy some of the best fish recipes in the world, Scandinavia is the place. But fish isn’t the only thing this region is specialized in: ingredients like pork, potatoes, cucumber, apples (baked and smoked) are also used a lot.

Also you should know that if you see on the menu “hamburger” you should ask what it is made out of, because you might have the surprise to be eating delicious smoked horsemeat.

You could try the specialties like putrefied shark; ram’s scrotum with testicles, sheep’s fat or smoked lamb. It may not sound so good but some people come back for more so there must be something to it.

So what better way to spend your honeymoon than discovering unique places and traditions with your loved one? Visit Scandinavia, the coldest smile of Europe but maybe the warmest heart of the old continent.


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