People perform scuba diving for personal issues, recreation, enjoyment, exploring a whole new world, the need for adrenaline or just wanting to get out from the daily routine. Who wouldn’t want to live in new experiences, explore the unknown under water worlds and discover new things?

scuba diveScuba diving has become a very popular activity done by a lot of people who are willing to experience new sensations while performing wreck diving, cave diving, ice diving or deep diving. It is not only addressed to swimmers and requires some basic training, but it was proven to be fun for anyone who tried it.

Also the prices decreased a lot during the years, as more and more manufacturers started to produce the needed equipments. Also the increase in popularity decreased the costs of the training programs.

If you are tempted to spend your holiday somewhere where you can explore the underwater world, you should know that there are a lot of travel agencies specialized in this activity.

How would you like to see a Whale Shark with your eyes or to hear the acoustics of the Humpback Whale? What about swimming through Barracudas or just relaxing, feeling the water touching your soul while floating through underwater coral gardens? All of these are not seen just in movies.

Scuba diving is practiced almost anywhere in the world where there are waters. In the tropical and sub-tropical parts of the globe you can find a lot of holiday divers, people like you who enjoy living the best things in life. The underwater scenery may leave you speechless as it left me and nothing else will ever equal that feeling.

bahamasDepending on where you live, you can go to Australia, where you’ll find a colorful underwater life and the longest coral reef in the world, also shark whales and mystical white sharks, the Bahamas where you will enjoy turquoise waters, underwater tunnels and interesting caves, ship wrecks, where you can swim with the dolphins or enjoy the large variety of fish or you could visit Corsica; here you’ll find a luxurious fish life, like you’ve never seen before.

Also you might want to go to Egypt and dive in the Red Sea; you will find superb coral reefs and lots of turtles. Another must-dive-in place is to be found in Galapagos. Here you can dive if you have the necessary experience as the waters are dangerous.

Indonesia has a lot of dive choices like wild waters found near islands, a large variety of creatures like hippocampus, sharks, tunas, dolphins and turtles.

red sea diveSo as you can see there are infinite possibilities when it comes to scuba diving. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this passion. You don’t have to go far, check out the places near you and see if you can dive there, for sure you’ll find things that you never knew were so close to you.


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