The east coast of America is one of the coolest parts of the country and one which everyone heads to when they wish to go on a vacation.  This area is known for its long coastal strips and many beaches that are located on this strip. If you wish to go to east coast with your family, then going for a beach vacation is a good idea. But since there are so many beaches, you can easily be spoilt for choice. The following is a list of the best beaches in the east coast for a family vacation.

best beaches in the east coast for family vacation

Clearwater Beach, Tampa Bay, Florida

This is a gem for families visiting the east coast and has shallow waters with white grainy sand. This beach has plenty of restrooms and showers and lets you bring in your own beach gear like umbrellas etc as well. This beach is ideal for families with kids as it offers a number of games and sports options.

Edisto Beach, Edisto Island, South Carolina

This is one of the affordable and kid-friendly beaches on the east coast. This beach is a mix of public beach access spots, restaurants, shabby chic beaches and many more such things to do. This beach is also a camper’s delight, given the vast green surroundings. There are many good overnight stay options as well which you can enjoy with your family.

Coquina Beach

This is yet another beautiful beach if you are visiting each coast with your family on a vacation. This beach has public changing rooms, picnic shelters, fun activities for kids and lovely long sandwalks for families to enjoy. It also has a state park near it which kids will totally love.

Sunset Beach

This beach is located in Cape May in New Jersey and considered one of the oldest beachfront resorts in the country. It is a natural history landmark which has many vacation rentals and beaches to choose from.  You can view the lovely Cape May lighthouse from the beach which looks beautiful during sunsets and sunrises.  Whether you wish to drive or ride a bike, there is a lot that this beach offers you to do.

Fire Island

This is a lovely island which has Atlantic Ocean to its south and Great South Bay to its north. This beach is a long stretch of pristine white sands and blue waters. It lets you roman freely, watch migrating birds, and take ferry boats since cars or vehicles are not allowed on it.  It is a family friendly beach which is a hub of a lot of activity and buzz.

Bass Hole

This is a beautiful beach area which is ideal for a family vacation. It is calm, serene and beautiful and offers a number of activities to engage yourself or your kids in. It has beach walks, water sports, swimming facilities, public restrooms, showers and several options to eat and drink at as well.


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