Burj Al Arab is among the most expensive hotels in the world and is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  This hotel is known not just for the amazingly luxurious facilities and amenities but also incredible decor and world-class food.  It also happens to be the world’s tallest hotel and is associated with many interesting and rather jaw dropping facts and stats. The following is a list of the most interesting facts about Burj Al Arab.

interesting facts about Burj Al Arab

  • The first and most interesting thing to know about this world famous building and hotel is that it is the world’s tallest hotel. It surpasses the height of 1000 feet which is about 305 meters.
  • Another very interesting fact about Burj Al Arab that you must know is that it took a period of about 3 years to reclaim the land from the sea to build this hotel. Also, it look a lesser period of time to construct the building.
  • There are many expensive buildings in the world and cost of construction of them can go into millions of dollars. But Burj Al Arab happens to be one of the most expensively constructed buildings. The total cost of construction went up to a whopping $650 million!
  • Burj Al Arab also happens to be one of the most expensive hotels to stay in the entire world. If you choose to stay in a suite, then the entry level cost of this could be anywhere around $1000 per night and can go up to $15000 per night.  The royal suite of this hotel is the most expensive and the cost of staying in it per night is a whopping $28000.

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  • Another thing which is too is very interesting to know about this hotel is the fact that the hotel rests on artificial island constructed 280 meters offshore. In order to lie in and secure the foundation of land, the builders had to drive 230 40 meter long concrete piles into the sand.  It is rather fascinating to know that the foundation is held in place not by bedrock but by friction of the sand and silt along the length of the piles.
  • This hotel also has a 24 meter wide helipad which is 210 meters above the ground. All the VIP guests and royal guests from around the world can use this helipad.
  • Even inspite of its massive size, this hotel holds 28 double storey floors which accommodate about 202 bedroom suites.
  • The hotel has rooms of all kinds of sizes and the price may vary from room to room. The smallest room occupies an area of 169 square meters whereas the largest one covers an area of 780 square meters.
  • The hotel consists of a lounge area called the junsui lounge whose ceiling is in the shape of Milky Way and consists of 29000 Swarovski crystals.
  • The restaurants of the hotel use 10 tons of chocolate every year which are made from raw cocoa beans.

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